Version Season 4 Episode 1
Main Version 1.05D
Protocol KOR
Periodic Updates Sim
License Management Sim
Support Scripts to Extend Features hot! Yes, LUA Language

Basic Features

Account Level Sim
Reset System Sim
Master Reset System Sim
Reconnection System hot! Sim
Party Reconnection hot! Sim
Widescreen Resolution hot! Sim
Unlimited Agility hot! Sim
Unlimited Values on Screen hot! Sim
Experience Table hot! Sim
Reset Table hot! Sim
Monster Health Bar hot! Sim
Duel Announce Sim
Automatic Notices Sim
Multi Warehouse Sim
Max Monster 10000
Map Management Sim
Game Master Management Sim
Message System Sim

Game Features

Fruits Sim
Pets Sim
Coin: PCPoint Sim
In Game Shop PCPoint

Game Characters

Dark Wizard Sim
Dark Knight Sim
Fairy Elf Sim
Magic Gladiator Sim
Dark Lord Sim
Summoner Sim

Account Settings You can set an individual value for each account level (VIP).

Experience Sim
Event Experience Sim
Quest Experience Sim
Jewel Success Rate Sim
Item Drop Rate Sim
Commands Sim
Chaos Mix Rates Sim
Move Sim
Gained Points Sim
Other Settings Sim


Custom Items Support hot! Sim
Item Limit up to 256 per section
Glow System Sim
Custom Jewels Support hot! Sim
Custom Map Support hot! Sim
Custom Monster Support hot! Sim
Custom Tooltip Support hot! Sim
Custom Wings Support hot! Sim


Anti-flood Sim
Potion cooldown Sim
Combo cooldown Sim
Character Maximum Speed Settings Sim
Maximum Game Latency Settings Sim
Log System Sim


Blood Castle Sim
Devil Square Sim
Chaos Castle Sim
Kalima Sim
Kanturu Sim
Illusion Temple Sim
Raklion Sim
Invasion Skeleton King Sim
Invasion Red Dragon Sim
Invasion Golden Sim
Invasion White Wizard Sim
Invasion New Year Sim
Invasion Rabbits Sim
Invasion Summer Sim
Invasion Christmas Sim
Ribbon Event Sim
Halloween Event Sim
Cherry Blossom Event Sim
Crywolf Sim
Castle Siege Sim
Battle Soccer Sim
Loren Deep Sim
Custom Drop Event hot! Sim
Custom Invasion System hot! Sim

PvP and PvM Balance

General PvP Damage Rate Settings hot! Sim
General PvM Damage Rate Settings hot! Sim
Duel Damage Rate Settings hot! Sim
Event Damage Rate Settings hot! Sim
Class PvP Damage Rate Settings hot! Sim
Class PvM Damage Rate Settings hot! Sim
Class VS. Class Damage Settings hot! Sim
Class Physical Damage Settings Sim
Class Magic Damage Settings Sim
Class Damage Multiplier Settings Sim
Class Attack Success Rate Settings Sim
Class Defense Settings Sim
Class Defense Success Rate Settings Sim
Guardian's Settings Sim
Combo Skill Damage Settings Sim
Skill's Formula Settings Sim

Player's Commands

Post Sim
Global Post Sim
Add Point Sim
Add Point (Automatic) Sim
Money Sim
Reset Sim
Reset (Automatic) Sim
Change Sim
Open Store by Jewel hot! Sim
Offline Store hot! Sim
Automatic Attack hot! Sim
Offline Attack hot! Sim

Game Master's Commands

Local Message Broadcast Sim
Global Message Broadcast Sim
Disconnect Player Sim
Move Player Sim
Track Player Sim
Trace Player Sim
Set Player Skin Sim
Set Player Money Sim
Hide Himself Sim


Chaos Mix Rate Online Sim
3D Camera Sim
Client Multiple Instance Settings Sim
Game Settings Manager Sim
Plugin System Sim